20faca1cba06be60a44b88fb79cc9d38Hymns From Sulu Sea is a collection of spiritual moments painted with the use of words and letters. It may also be called a spiritual travelogue written in order to leave traces and signposts for mapping out stages of the journey.

All writings published in this site are original pencrafts by the author. Though claiming ownership leaves an uncomfortable aftertaste, it has to be done not only to protect us from plagiarism but also to take responsibility for our works.

Some of the writings shared here may have been published in various sites, using several pen names. The author also found some of his works published by others in major social media sites. Some with permission from him, some without. Nonetheless, the author permits sharing and cross-posting of his works provided that it is not for commercial purposes.

Selections from the books we have been working on through the years are also included in this site. Some of these books have already been published online using the WordPress platform although most are still set for private use. Hopefully, the tasks of referencing, editing and patenting all our written materials will be completed in due time so that making them public will not expose our works to misuse.

In addition to Hymns From Sulu Sea, we have also composed several songs in Sinug Language (now officially called Bahasa Sug). In fact, some of these songs have been sung by Tausug speaking kids as early as 1991. The songs were composed in order to inculcate a sense of identity and Tausug values in our children and to teach them the language of the people of Sulu through the medium of music and songs.

With God’s guidance and permission, we shall continue writing, telling stories, composing songs and singing them for our homeland.


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